What a Miracle Business !


We are proud to serve the highest quality drinking water for nationwide for several years

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Provide 24 hours a day profits for you TODAY!

  • If you search for products for your distribution!
  • If you still search for business investment with only 6-10 month Break – even point!
  • If you search for more cost effective products for you existing
  • 24-hour around the clock selling machine
  • Return your investment within 6-10 months only
  • Fastest growing business
  • Over 30,000 machines installed in ASEAN countries
  • Sales by coin or smart card
  • Service & maintenance cost less than 1 cent per gallon

Advantages of our system

– Major components we use imported item with international standard and highest durability.

– Coin vending unit are our owned continuous developed for practical use in the field over 4 years, least complication and minimize losing of sales opportunity during their trouble.

– Easily upgraded to Sim Card receptor to replace coin vending unit in the future.

– Our circuit of vending facilitate you internal auditing of sales activity and technical servicing.

– Over 5 years experience of maintenance + services assist our choosing the least complicated components and accessories for fabrication to save your operation cost in long run.

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