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Water Treatment Solution for Production

We design "Solution"

that fits your requirement.

Water Treatment Expert

For more than 30 years in water industry we had the privillage to work with clients across many industry so we understand full well in water engineering and can design the solution most suitable for every industry. 

Life Time Service

Our professional Service team are ready to come in within 48 hours if anything goes wrong. We prioritize preventive maintainance and will come in regularly to check up before anything might reach its limit so that your business can run smoothly.

Remote Monitoring

Our Cloud Monitoring System can notify us of any unusal signal. Mainly water leakage and water supply shortage so we can send the service team in before the system mulfunction.

Custom Water Purification System especially designed to serve your specific requirements.

We understand that the use of water has endless possibilities. Every industry requires a different specification of water. For example, agriculture industry will demand a certain pH of water, electronic industy will consider water conductivity and pharmaceutical will need water in its purest form. 

For more than 30 years in water business we have worked with so many clients across many industries. Which had made us a well-versed water engineer that know exactly what our clients need and how to deliver the water precisely.

A.I. Energy Public Co.,ltd

Energy Sector

Federal Mogul Co.,ltd

Auto-Mobile Parts

Unic Technology Thailand Co.,ltd

Plastic Industry

Assumption Thonburi Learning Center

School / Learning Center

Punjasri Resort & Spa

Hotel and Resort

Hayagawa Electronics 

Cable Manufacturer

Our Projects


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